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N-finity pattern designs could be just what your product needs to give it that unique touch. Whether it's fabric designs, floor or wall tiles, N-finity patterns add a playful repeat element to every application.

Call or email us today to learn more about purchasing N-finity designs.

Whirl Repeat 1

Whirl Repeat 1

Whirl Repeat 2

Shift a few tiles and now you have "Whirl Repeat 2"

Whirl Repeat 3

Rotate a few more and Voilà --- Whirl Repeat 3


Available as a customizable cement floor or wall tile.

"Props" Headboard

"Props" cement tile fore sale at Villa Lagoon Tile. Custom colors are an option.

Props and Topography

Mixing two patterns, Props and Topography to give interest and texture.


This "Imagine" N-finity Design is available as hand-made Encaustic Cement tiles.


Part of our ethnic collection. Kuba Cement tiles available for purchase at Villa Lagoon Tile.

Copycat - Repeat A

Copycat - Repeat A... We'll show you how this "Copycat" design tile will morph into 6 different patterns. Arrow on!

Copycat - Repeat B

Copycat - Repeat B We've flipped and turned a few tiles to make another pattern with this same design.

Copycat - Repeat C

Copycat - Repeat C This one the reveals a "plus and minus" pattern. Lets keep flipping...

Copycat - Repeat D

Copycat - Repeat D We're not done...

Copycat - Repeat E

Copycat - Repeat E Looks a bit link dancing diamonds. OK one more -

Copycat - Repeat F

Copycat - Repeat F ... You get the idea. All made with the "Copycat" tile design.

Tiptoe 1
Plumeria Uno

Plumeria Uno - Cement tiles for sale at Villa Lagoon Tile.

blox random

An N-FINITY, with endless pattern builds.

Afrikaner Quad
Afrikaner Bounce
Guaca Mola 5
Populi Linear

Featured as a wall treatment on our home page;

X Box
Imagine Stripes

An example of how N-FINITY DESIGNS can be laid out in a multitude of patterns! Available as encaustic cement tile too.

Floradoodle Blue
Cotton Candy and Splash

Here Splash & Cotton Candy join to make a very lively design!

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