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The MAgic of N-finity Textile Designs-18.jpg

All of our N-finity Designs are repeatable square patterns.
The "magic" happens as designs are rotated, flipped, and turned. Because of their unique configuration, the patterns connect and flow no matter how they are placed. This gives you interesting and unexpected patterns.

Here is just one sample: The single "PROPS" design to the right has been arranged in random and uniform repeats to create 5 different patterns. The possibilities are "n-finite".

To learn more about the N-finity Design collection and how it could enhance your products or textiles, contact us:


Stu Neyland

Our N-finity Designs are available as cement tiles offered by Villa Lagoon Tile.

Link to Villa here.


We have even more designs on the Villa Lagoon "Online Designer Tool". Play with colors and rotations - you'll be amazed at what you can create. Make sure you filter by "designer - Neyland Design.

Contact us to discuss using N-finity Tile designs on your next project, or licensing these repeatable designs on your own products.

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